On popular demand by the reviewers – here is one page executive summary for the CEOs, and a link to a quick survey they can ask their team to do.

At its core, the message of this book is very simple.

Having recruited them, every company puts equally sterling effort in training these people to enable them to do their job.

Finally, every company equips these people with the best possible tools – whether in IT, or other arena – that they can find in the market place.

These tools are configured, customized and enhanced to suit the company strategy.

Yet, when they look at the results – profits, revenues, customer satisfaction – most CEOs privately express a view that they are not getting the full value for their investments and efforts described above.

Why do companies perform less than optimally, despite such massive advantage? Why do CFOs have to regularly ‘massage’ the numbers at the end of every quarter?

What are the invisible chains that hold back these companies?

If you are one of the target readers, but are fully convinced that these invisible chains do not exist in your company, I invite you to take the complementary survey at this link: You may be surprised by the result.

If you are already aware of these invisible chains then I am sure you are also asking the key question – what to do about these?

How to break these chains apart and build strong business-to-business networks that will help your company survive through downturns and thrive through upturns.

That, indeed, is the core message of this book.