This Week In America Interviews Vivek Sood on 5-STAR Business Network

5-STAR Business Network

Topic:The 5-STAR Business Networks Interviewer: Ric Bratton of This Week In America Interviewee: Vivek Sood of Global Supply Chain Group (author of The 5-STAR Business Networks) Here is a video of the interview: Here is the entire transcript of the interview: Ric Bratton: Welcome back everybody! This Week In America, thank you for joining us! […]

Why Should the Corporate business World Look to Egolessness in 2014

Corporate Business

Corporate Business 2013 has been a breakthrough year for the top echelon of professionals around the world. One of the reasons, in my view, is the focus on mindfulness. For the first time, I have seen the corporate world embrace a practice adopted in the personal lives of many masters in various fields. As the […]

Industrial Age Tools vs Information Age Weapons

Industrial Age Tools vs Information Age Weapons

Information of Supply Chain This is the part 2 of my earlier post What I Learnt Fighting Pirates (Not in the Caribbean)! (that post was getting too long, so I had to break it into two parts). I asked bosun to send a repelling party to cut the ladder and the scrambling rope, while I sent two […]

Who Will ‘Supply Chain Dellify’ the Mobile Phone Industry?

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Supply Chain Dellify’ the Mobile Phone Industry Dellify (verb) – the process of changing an industry model from high cost, low flexibility, make-to-stock model to a low cost, high flexibility make-to-order model. Before Michael Dell started his business from the college dorm, computer industry followed a very different model. It was been nearly 30 years, […]

Amazon Shipping Items Before you Order it: Creepy or Savvy?

Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping of Supply Chain After delivery drones, Amazon has created yet another news sensation! This time with predictive shipping and patenting it. In this article, Cathy Morrow Robertson describes Amazon’s latest leap: “Based on previous orders, product searches, wish lists, shopping cart contents and other online customer experiences, Amazon has received a patent for what it […]

Supply Chain is the New Electricity For Today’s Business

Supply Chain is the New Electricity

Supply Chain is the New Electricity Recently I did a small but quite interesting thought experiment with one of my sons. We were discussing the invention of electricity and he asked me: “Dad, what would happen if there was no electricity?” Since I actually had such an experience, I recounted to him my life in […]

Open Secrets from Ancient Network

Ancient Network

Extract from the book “The 5-Star Business Network”, written by Vivek Sood Secrets From Ancient Networks – Unchain Your Corporation “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” Alphonse KARR, Les Guêpes 1849 Before we embark on the journey of exploration into the current realms of business networks, let us take a journey into the past. […]

What Makes a Business Networks Great?

Business Networks Great - a Business Network

What Makes a Business Network Great? Extract from the book “The 5-Star Business Network”, written by Vivek Sood In 2012, when Facebook’s IPO was being discussed in the media, a range of valuations was put forward by the experts between approximately $50 and more than $100 Billion. Most people in traditional businesses were stunned and asked how […]