When the Ship is Sinking: Focus on Plugging the Hole in the Hull

Ship is Sinking

Ship is Sinking in Supply Chain My sabbatical from writing blogs over the past few weeks has been interrupted. Besides my day job of consulting, I was focusing on finishing my second book “Know When to Outsource, and How to Do It Well: Outsmart, Outprofit, Outsource”. However, after reading a Harvard Business Review blog, I […]

Supply Chain is the New Electricity For Today’s Business

Supply Chain is the New Electricity

Supply Chain is the New Electricity Recently I did a small but quite interesting thought experiment with one of my sons. We were discussing the invention of electricity and he asked me: “Dad, what would happen if there was no electricity?” Since I actually had such an experience, I recounted to him my life in […]

Why Every Start-up Always Has a Supply Chain Problem?

Supply Chain

Why are there Supply chain problems in every Startup? There is a common assumption that every company’s supply chain should be similar, if not the same then Why are there supply chain problems in every startup. Even learned professors at august institutions write highly prescriptive articles in highly regarded magazines such as Harvard Business Review […]