What started as a single and simple survey, has, by popular demand, become a set of eight different diagnostic tool kits including SCM Diagnostics.

Now you can assess your supply chain just for innovation capability, cash-to-cash cycle efficiency and three other key features.


1. No matter how brilliant proposals and ideas are, if executives do not bring objective evidence, everything can sound flat to sceptical boards.

2. Most often, it is not because executives throw in wild ideas without an intuitive grasp of what needs to be done. But sometimes, what seems self-evident to them, is unconvincing to others.

On the other hand, boards of directors and executive committees are selected for their ability to see beyond the ordinary, to sift the wheat from the chaff, and to demand objective evidence of every assertion.

3. The boards have good reasons. With the numerous requests they receive, corporate governance requirements make it necessary to demand data, evidence and methodical approach.

4. With so much uncertainty, they realize the onerous responsibility placed on their shoulders.


Your board or executive committee will only trust you when you bring objective data laid out methodically to them. Only two kinds of companies do not need to benchmark with their peers.

Both kinds decidedly stand out, at the top and bottom.

Of course, you can try making verbal assertions about your beliefs – but would it not be better to back these up with a well-formatted, methodically produced report backed by 5-year research on the world's top 1,200 companies?

Click on the link here to see the diagnostic tool kit on our company website. 

You will be able to choose your preferred diagnostics in order to get your assessment results straight away.

You can fill out a simple survey based on your best information, and receive the results via email within minutes.