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As executives respond to fundamental shift in global economics and technologies with wave after wave of transformations – today, companies are grappling with fake enthusiasm, inability to deal with immense complexity, change fatigue, and ambiguity.

The BIG brand name management consultants do NOT have the answer. With their cookie-cutter approach, and solutions that disregard the problems, they are largely ineffective. Corporate folklore is full of stories of jaded executives who got big brands for digital transformation, and drove the business into the wall.

The Single Biggest Mistake in Business Transformations
If I have seen it once, I have seen it a hundred times.  A new person is brought in with[...]
Complacency is a slow poison
The sense of entitlement, complacency and the imperial privilege can be observed even today in almost all the nations that[...]
Supply Chain Relationships- Partnerships Or Partnershaft?
By Stuart EmmettBusiness & Relationships Business and supply chain management maybe technically simple, but it is usually managerially difficult. In[...]
Use Monte Carlo Simulations To Quickly Model Costs And Influence Stakeholders
By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip Taking your business down to its lowest possible operating cost typically involves changing[...]
The Second Biggest Mistake in Business Transformations
In this article I want to focus on the second biggest mistake companies make during business transformations.In case you are[...]
How Organizational Silos Can Ruin Your Supply Chain
Organizational silos are based on the division of labor, on organizing the labor in such a way that each individual[...]


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