Shanghai Expo – Green Supply Chains

Green Supply

Shanghai Expo – Green Supply Chains While showcasing the trade, industrial and transportation capabilities of the nations of the world, Shanghai Expo has scored another hit. Millions of visitors from around the world have flocked to this great city to visit the miracle of modern commerce. What they find encouraging is the emphasis on green […]

Industrial Age Tools vs Information Age Weapons

Industrial Age Tools vs Information Age Weapons

Information of Supply Chain This is the part 2 of my earlier post What I Learnt Fighting Pirates (Not in the Caribbean)! (that post was getting too long, so I had to break it into two parts). I asked bosun to send a repelling party to cut the ladder and the scrambling rope, while I sent two […]

Amazon Shipping Items Before you Order it: Creepy or Savvy?

Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping of Supply Chain After delivery drones, Amazon has created yet another news sensation! This time with predictive shipping and patenting it. In this article, Cathy Morrow Robertson describes Amazon’s latest leap: “Based on previous orders, product searches, wish lists, shopping cart contents and other online customer experiences, Amazon has received a patent for what it […]