Globalisation Is Inevitable – Prepare For It

Globalisation Is Inevitable

When we renamed our company Global Supply Chain Group in 2006, the key thought running in my mind was that despite clear and evident trend of globalisation is inevitable – most companies still ran their supply chain on a regional basis.  Many of our clients see value in global integration of their entire supply chains – while others […]

Will Samsung Use Galaxy S5 to Eat Apple’s Lunch?

Samsung Use Galaxy S5

The world’s biggest smartphone maker has struck again with the announcement of its flagship Samsung Use Galaxy S5 model to hit stores this April. Samsung Use Galaxy S5, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, features fingerprint technology similar to Apple’s latest iPhone 5S. Samsung also packs a whole lot of attractive […]

Will Alibaba and its 40 Million Accomplices Ride Roughshod Over Corporate America?


Business Medium name is Alibaba Now that all the factories have moved to China (or some such places as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Taiwan), and all the customers have moved to the PC (or some such places as mobile phones or tablets) What will happen to all the middlemen? The retailers, the wholesalers, the shopping centres, the […]

The Single Biggest Mistake in Business Transformations

Fire - business transformation

The Single Biggest Mistake in Business Transformations The Single Biggest Mistake in Business Transformations AUTHOR VIVEK SOOD LAST UPDATED ON February 08, 2022 NUMBER OF WORDS … TIME TO READ ….. If I have seen it once, I have seen it a hundred times. A new person is brought in with a clear mandate. The […]

The Second Biggest Mistake in Business Transformations

Business transformation - Second Biggest Mistake

In this article I want to focus on the second biggest mistake companies make during business transformations. In case you are wondering why I am focusing on the second biggest mistake rather than the biggest one – it is because I have already written a blog post on that topic last week. Here is the link […]

Who is going to win the battle of Titans (Apple, Amazon & Google)

Win The Battle of Titans

5 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Win The Battle Of Titans. As everybody knows, three giants in the tech and software world have amassed an incomparable power in recent years from their networks and their strategies. With a vast range of products, they have stitched up the market amongst themselves. But what are […]

Interview Transcript: 5-STAR Network for Profitable Business Transformation

5-star network - 5-star business network

Topic:The 5-STAR Business Networks Interviewer: Ric Bratton of This Week In America Interviewee: Vivek Sood of Global Supply Chain Group (author of The 5-STAR Business Networks) Here is the entire transcript of the interview: Ric Bratton: Welcome back everybody! This Week In America, thank you for joining us! Our website is  As promised, coming up […]

How Good is Your Supply Chain Optimization?

Supply chain optimization

System demos are tedious things at best. The developers are trying to showcase the best aspects of their baby in best possible light. About More Supply Chain Optimization They have spent months, sometimes years, thinking about and developing functionality. It is really a big ask to show off the usefulness of it all, in half […]