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What is Chaining Today’s Corporations?
A divided organization cannot stand together for too longWithin the organization, division of labor was a fine concept when it[...]
Complacency is a slow poison
The sense of entitlement, complacency and the imperial privilege can be observed even today in almost all the nations that[...]
Supply Chain Is The New Electricity – You Cannot Run Business Without It
Recently I did a small but quite interesting thought experiment with one of my sons.We were discussing the invention of[...]
How To Find A Job
This blog post is relatively small and simple. Yet, as you will see, it is of immense use to anyone[...]
What Causes Supply Chain Confusion
My last post "Supply Chain Confusion could kill your business" generated several great comments from highly qualified professionals around the[...]
Supply Chain Relationships- Partnerships Or Partnershaft?
By Stuart EmmettBusiness & Relationships Business and supply chain management maybe technically simple, but it is usually managerially difficult. In[...]
Tendering – The Only Way?
A serious look at Tendering by Stuart EmmettOne of the key activities of procurement is to obtain acceptable agreements with[...]
Retail Supply Chain, In Response To Online Onslaught, Brings More Power To Discount Stores
Retail Supply Chain is Going Through a Massive ShiftAs the US economy staggers and consumers remain austerity-oriented, dollar stores or[...]
Use Monte Carlo Simulations To Quickly Model Costs And Influence Stakeholders
By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip Taking your business down to its lowest possible operating cost typically involves changing[...]
Challenging Leadership Principles
By Stuart Emmett This article puts over what I see as essential leadership principles. They are taken from my book “The[...]
Empowerment And Email
by Stuart EmmettI am fed up with a lot of organisations.Is it just me?Do others find too many simple basic[...]
How Organizational Silos Can Ruin Your Supply Chain
Organizational silos are based on the division of labor, on organizing the labor in such a way that each individual[...]
What I Learnt About Business Transformations Fighting Pirates (Not in the Caribbean)! – Part 1
I was reminded of this story because I was talking about it in a workshop on business transformation last week.I[...]
Dropping an Anchor – Strategic Thinking on Centralisation vs Decentralisation
The chief mate was on the forecastle with the bosun and 3 sailors preparing to anchor the ship. Master was[...]
Data DATA Everywhere – Not A Drop to Drink…
I had some personal experience in 1990 with the ancient mariners' rhyme or The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere: Day after day, day[...]
What Two African Entrepreneurs Have Learnt from Amazon.com – Globalization in Action Serving Humanity
Boasting exponential growth since its inception in 2012, Jumia became the first e-commerce site to bring the coveted Play Station[...]
Ten Reasons Why Your Business Network is Your Business’ Net Worth, and, How To Make the Most of it?
The simplest definition of business is to sell or buy the goods or services. Though, It may define the trading[...]
Nokia Sheds Iconic Phone Unit in an Attempt to Re-bundle Itself
Virtually all its shareholders gave their approval, and with a stroke of pen the Finnish firm that once dominated the[...]
High Demand for Real Supply Chain Experts
Good solid supply chain thinkers are in high demand and low supply.I would know, I run this company called Global[...]